Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ambiguous results

Y-DNA1-12 results arrived yesterday for Edward, #110.    Edward was expected to match the Faires Berrys and, so far, he does.    Difficulty is that he also matches the Barry/Berrys, 12/12.    What does this mean?    Not much.    Mainly that you can't tell much from a 12 marker result.    At least he doesn't NOT match the family that he was expecting.

Interesting thing, though.    I was looking through the list of Edward's matches and noticed a name I didn't recognize   -   John Henry Barry.    I wrote him inviting him to join us.    Keep your fingers crossed.


Jack (John) answered right away and said he'd like to join us.    Jack is in the 'Barry Project' that has, as best I can figure, maybe 10 members (but I can't locate that many).    I've spent the better part of this evening trying to help him get transferred to our Project.

Jack is Participant #114    His 12 marker haplotype matches Edward, Paul Dean, #36, David Scott, #59, C.E., #77, and William A. Barry, #79, but then, you know what I think about 12 marker matches.    When I get Jack's yAncestry it will at least give us an idea which of these matches might be expected.


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