Thursday, July 10, 2008

mtDNA News

We have a new mtDNA participant!    Jeane Berry Borkenhagen, #m9, our 127th participant!    Jeane's HVR1 results are posted to the mtResults page.    Unfortunately, she's a haplogroup H of the most vanilla kind.    Her only HVR1 CRS difference is 16519C which matches almost everyone.

In the process of posting Jeane's information I discovered that Kathleen, #m6, already has her FGS*.    When that arrived and what it means I know not but her results are also posted.    Philip, #10, has also ordered his FGS, the results of which are now a few days past expected.

      *FGS - Full Genome Sequence (also called Whole Genome Sequence or EGS).    It sequences the entire mtDNA genome   --   all 16569 base pairs.


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