Monday, August 18, 2008

At the beach

As you can see, I do have internet access -- after a fashion.    This house doesn't have wifi (what was my daughter thinking when she booked it?) but some neaby places do.    I can usually find at least one unlocked network that I can hook onto -- not fast but somewhat useable.    Sort of like the old dial-up days.    Lots of sitting and waiting for a page to load or an email to get gone.

One person has taken advantage of FTDNA's 'Sizzling Summer Sale'!    Sue Badeaux has sponsored her Uncle, Joseph Cecil Berry, Jr., for the 37 marker test and I have logged them into the Project as #109.    For now, Joseph's yAncestry has been included with the Unassigned folks.    Joseph is our 129th member.

Who's next?


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