Sunday, August 17, 2008

Berry Beach Week again

We missed last year and I don't remember why.    Our last trip was two years ago but we're going again this year.    We're missing a couple of folks this year.    A son is in NY working on the Olympics for NBC and a grandson in Florida in school.    The upside is that that means more fish for the rest of us, two daughters, four grandkids and four dogs.

We have a house in Rodanthe and it should be a little different this year since I believe we have internet access and I do have my Black Friday MacBook.    I'm hoping to be offline only during the drive down today.

Sort of expect Augusta/Washington Co. Gordon Berry from New Zealand to pop by, maybe Tuesday.

Also plan to re-survey the Soule Cemetery in Hyde Co., (Swan Quarter Berrys) and do the Fulford Cemetery where I believe there are also a significant number of Berrys.


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