Thursday, August 07, 2008

I sure know how to pick 'em

When it comes to choosing times to be out of touch, I couldn't have picked better.    Our last results were Donald's, #120, reported July 22, since which date we've had no new results, no new upgrades and no new participants.    Bummer!

I'm not yet fully back as I'm still at Augusta taking fiddle lessons but I wanted to tell you the little news we do have.    Last Saturday, while at Clifftop, I visited the Fayette Co. Berry's reunion in Layland, WV.    I met Dave, #40, there and expected to see John, #113, but he apparently couldn't make it.    We did collect a SMGF test sample from Alex Berry.    I've got his info but I'll not include it in the Project until we see some test results from SMGF, whenever that is.

In that area of Fayette Co., WV, there was a coal mining town named Beury, now a ghost town, and a Beury Mountain, both presumably named after Colonel Joseph Beury, one of the early developers of the New River coalfields.    I hope someone will undertake to locate a Beury surnamed male to test to see if there is any relationship there with the Fayette Co. Berrys.


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