Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Very Impressed

Gordon and Theresa Berry from New Zealand, Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys, are traveling from New Zealand to Ireland, with side trips to England and Turkey, then to Japan and then, I guess, home.    Because I didn't have my wits about me when they asked for my 'travel schedule' I gave them my schedule of when we have to board the dogs, completely forgetting about Berry Beach Week when we are gone but take the dogs with us -- which was the time they picked for their trip so that they could stop by to see me.    Undaunted, they rented a car in D.C. and drove down to the Outer Banks.   

I'm sure glad they did because they're a delightful couple.    . . . and I envy their trip!    Theresa is a fastidious researcher who doesn't accept 'maybe' as an answer.    Among other sources, she's determined to find a particular will she believes will provide answers to some of her (our?) unresolved questions.    Included in their travels about Ireland will also be a visit to Eglish Castlewhich likely plays a prominent role in Berry family history only after the departure of the 'American' Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys for the colonies.    But a place I would visit also.

Thanks for searching us out, Theresa and Gordon.    Bon Voyage!


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