Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The final few markers for both Brent Berry's, #4, and Wiley Berry's, #18, 67 marker upgrades just arrived, this time with notice from FTDNA of their arrival.    I suppose the notice is because these markers complete their upgrade orders.

Brent is a Madison Co. Berry and the upgrade markers all exactly match the four others in that family who have tested to 67 markers.

In addition, Donald Berry, #120, an Augusta/Washington Co. Berry, received his Y-Refine25to37 upgrade results.    Interesting.    As soon as I can get the cladogram generating software running again I'll update the Comparison Charts page.

These new results remind me to remind you that whenever you get new results, be sure to upload them to ySearch .    It's very easy to do.    Simply click on the darkened line that says 'Click here to upload' found in your 'Matches' tab on your FTDNA personal page.


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