Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The internet can't hide (forever)

Sorry I haven't been able to begin my travelog yet but I have been taking photos.    I don't have a reliable internet connection at my sister's house so have only been able to limp along with a few emails. Right now I'm on a bench in downtown Oregon City.    Oregon City has a public broadband connection but where I'm sitting the linksys connection is stronger.

No travelog at this sitting because we have results!

On Sept. 26th Brooks, #20, Y-DNA13-25 markers came in.    Mike, #69, got Y-DNA61-67 markers on the 29th and his Y-DNA38-47 markers on the 30th.    John, #114, got his Y-DNA13-25 markers on the 29th.

Brooks is still looking for a match.    Mike is a Swiss Beery with a match to SMGF Biery/Pomeroy.    These results verify John as a Faires Berry!

I think that's about it for today.    My sister is picking me up in about 20 minutes and I'd like to try to get those results posted.


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