Saturday, December 06, 2008

Faires Berrys

I've just learned that we may soon be getting a new Faires Berry Project member so I thought I ought to bring the family up to date with what we have.

Here's their haplotypes.Difficult to see the differences here, though.    For a better view, take a look here.

Their genetic distance table -
And their Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor -

But, you ask, what about cladograms?    Well, here's the difficulty.    Cladograms require that equal length haplotypes be compared to one another.    So, for these folks we can compare five 25 marker haplotypes and three 37 marker haplotypes.    But, if you'll take a look at the first 25 markers you'll see that they're exactly the same except for a difference of 1 at DYS388 and 1 at DYS 392 for Dennis, #31.    So essentially what we have are four identical haplotypes and one different.    Unfortunately, another requirement for generating cladograms is that you have at least three different sequences.    So we can't do a 25 marker cladogram.

But, even three is pretty unexciting.    This family does have three different 37 marker haplotypes.    Here's their cladogram -


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