Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm getting a rash . . .

We seem to be getting a rash of new results from FTDNA.    This is especially good since none were expected before January.    Either the FTDNA folks have been overcome by the Christmas spirit  .  .  .  .  or they want to take some time off.    Either way, here's what has just come in.

Joe's, #109, Y-DNA13-25 markers.    Joe's 12 marker panel didn't match anyone and, unfortunately, as expected, this panel didn't bring him any closer to anyone.    Joe is still waiting for his Y-DNA26-37 panel and, while that won't bring him any closer to anyone, it will ensure that when a match does come along it will be a related person.

Samuel's, #139, Y-DNA13-25 markers had some questionable matches at 12 markers some of which seem to be firming up at 25 markers and seem to indicate that Samuel is a member of the Faires Berrys Family.    37 markers will give us a better picture but Samuel may be a bit of an outlier, not really closely related.    We'll see.

What?    That's not a rash?    Well, FTDNA also reported the Y-DNA1-12 markers for a fellow named Sammy Berry, but Sammy only ordered 12 markers, has never bothered to respond to our welcome sent when he first ordered, and isn't close to matching anyone anyway   --   so I'm just ignoring him.

Maybe more tomorrow . . . . ?


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