Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Madison's turn

Another of my neglected families during the time I couldn't manage to generate cladograms are the Madison Co. Berrys.    So here are your tables and diagrams.

First, the haplotypes of all the Madison Co. Berrys -and their genetic distances from one another -Don't put a lot of faith in this table, and be cognizant that these numbers represent not a fact but a 75% PROBABILITY -
So, finally, the cladograms.    Here's one for all those who have tested at least 25 markers -You'll remember that I told you that we can only generate a cladagram by using the same markers for all the folks compared?    Well, if you'll look at the haplotype table you will see that the last five folks there tested at DNAHeritage and SMGF so to include them beyond 25 markers I've used 7 additional common markers for a 32 marker cladogram -And a regular 37 marker one -and those Madison Co. Berrys who have tested 67 markers -
Yours to interpret.


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