Thursday, December 18, 2008

New participant

Yes, we have a new participant  -  Samuel Tilton Berry, #139.    Sam's Y-DNA1-12 panel came back today.    Sam's yAncestry is posted with 'unassigned' in case anyone would like to take a look to see if you recognize any names in it.

No one should get excited about 12 marker matches, particularly a GD of 1 at 12 markers.    But - - - these folks who are a GD of 1 from Sam may want to be sure to look at his yAncestry:   Laurence, #9; Paul, #36, David, #59; C.E., #77; Bill, #79; Henry, #108; Edward, #110, Paul, #111; and John, #114.

And, we do have a pretty good pipeline now, at least for next month.


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