Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Two new participants!

Over the past weekend we've added two more participants, our 145th and 146th, Brandon, #136, and Dave, #137.    Brandon expects to match the Barry/Berrys and David, the Faires Berrys.

Dave's Y-DNA37 results may finally show us enough differences to be able to generate a Faires cladagram to puzzle over, while Brandon may need all his Y-DNA67 markers to differentiate at all from the 'seeming twins' C.E., #77, and Bill, #79, who, you will recall, are exactly the same at 67 markers.    If you fellows are up for an experiment, because I have no real idea that it will show anything, you might both try something like the Panel 5 Palindromic Pack from the Advanced Orders section of your FTDNA Personal Page.

It would be nice if FTDNA were to offer a sale on Advanced Orders sometime.


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