Monday, January 19, 2009


V. Cathy Berry Layne has tested her brother, James Louis Amzi Berry, at and has joined us as Participant #143.    They're still working on his yAncestry beyond their great grandfather whose name is George Amzi Berry.    You'd think with a name like Amzi in the family research would be pretty easy but, surprisingly, Amzi is not that uncommon.    The Augusta/Washington Co. Berrys have a Hugh Amzi Philander BERRY in the family but, not hopeful.    We're haplogroup I1 and James is haplogroup R1b.    One source says that Amzi is Hebrew and means 'Strong'.

As soon as I get my inaugural celebrating done I'll compare his haplotype with the rest of the the Project to see if we can spot any matches.


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