Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have a little hesitancy to recommend this but the price is certainly right! is offering their 33 marker tests for $79 and their 46 marker tests for $149.    Here are the markers tested -

As you can see, they count DYS19b and DYS464e & f which rarely show up so you should really count these as 30 and 43 marker tests.

So comparing these with FTDNA (group pricing), here's what we have:
   FTDNA 25 markers      $124
   Ancestry 30 markers         79
   FTDNA 37 markers        149
   Ancestry 40 markers       149
I hesitate not because of the price, which you can judge for yourself, or because of the quality of the testing, which is done by Sorenson Genomics, but only because it is a little more difficult for me to extract and convert your results so that they can be compared with everyone else in the Project.    Not a hesitancy you should be concerned with.

If you think you might be interested you can take a look by clicking this line.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Additionally, Jim, even with the 43 marker test from, they do not have five of the fasted moving markers that FTDNA tests. Those 'missing markers' become pretty crucial when the people are in Haplogroup R1b, especially if the new participant has two miss-matches on the 1-25 panels. I would recommend a 37 marker test at FTDNA for $149. That way a participant can be confident that their test is being compared for all of the relevant markers to peope already tested.

I am not trying to down-grade's offering. I'm just warning of a situation that 'can' happen to R1b people.

Carol Vass
Kent, WA

7:13 PM  

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