Saturday, January 10, 2009

Those (interesting) Faires Berrys

We just received the final panel for the Y-DNA37 order of Samuel Tilton Berry, #139.    I can't recall whether we expected him to match the Faires Berrys or not, but he does.    This is one of those 'interesting' families that relies on an 'in-betweener' for at least one of its relationships, that between Dennis, #31, and Sam.

Here's the yResults table, color coding their genetic distances -You can see the project yResults 'Family View' by clicking here.

Next, their Genetic Distance table, itself -
And the Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor -which, at best, is merely 'suggesting' a 75% probability of what the time might be.

I considered doing a cladogram for these folks but since they are waiting for Dave's, #137, results, expected 2/26/2009, I think I'll also wait until then.


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