Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stealth Devon Berry?

Stealth, for sure.    Devon, maybe.    Victor H. Berry has just shown up today with a 12 marker result from the Genographic Project and without notice of any sort from FTDNA.

Victor matches Gerald, #64, with his 12 markers but, as I've noted several times in these posts, 12 marker matches with the same surname only raise a possibility of a genetic relationship.    Now that Victor is a part of FTDNA he should order his Y-Refine12to37 upgrade to determine for certain whether he is a Devon Berry, or not.

Of course, this is all further complicated by the fact that Gerald and Ralph, #162, are not for certain genetically related.    They match 25/26 markers but don't have those 'fast movers' among their common alleles so we really only have a probability that we actually have a family of Devon Berrys.


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