Saturday, May 02, 2009

Apple Blossom

This is the Apple Blossom Festival weekend here in Winchester, VA.    I'm not going to post a very comprehensive review here, but rather what my son, Jon, calls 'slices'.    (or was that 'slivers'?)

On Friday it's the Fireman's Parade, lots of fire trucks - with spectators -
On Saturday, first it's the Apple Blossom 10K.    The leaders -and the Bloomers -
Phantom and I took a walk down to the staging area where Betty was on the Ft. Collier float waiting for their turn in the Grand Feature Parade -
Bands -
Elephants -
Betty's float -
Big floats -
Bands -
More bands -
Tractors -
At the end of the parade, spectators fill the streets -
and folks gather their belongings -
and all the unsold trinkets head for the next event -


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