Thursday, August 13, 2009

More from the beach

I believe that I mentioned Monday that Curtis', #163, early results indicated that he might be a Faires Berrys.    I've been distracted from following these families closely for the past few weeks and this is a perfect illustration of the folly of relying to any extent on 12 marker matches.    Although a perfect 12/12 match with the Faires Berrys, Curtis' full results are now in and he is definitely a Barry/Berrys with a 64/67 match to C.E., #77, and Bill, #79.

Additionally, Tommie's, #173, Y-DNA13-25 marker panel came in yesterday continuing his (so far) perfect match as an Augusta/Washington Co. Berry.

Since my son, Jon, is doing such a good job chronicling our beach adventures, I'll just mostly continue to piggy back on his posts for those of you who may be interested:    jonberrydesign:   same thing, different beach

. . . and here's Jon at work at the beach -


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