Saturday, August 22, 2009


SMGF is a more daunting task each time I do it.    It's not particularly difficult to tease out the allele values to determine the haplotype of any person tested.    What's becoming more and more difficult is determining whether any given sequence is someone I already know about or a new person.    I don't believe any or our folks already reported have any new markers.    I know I don't.    I still have my measly 19.

I tentatively think that we have four new previously unreported sequences.    Maybe five.    I have three that I think might be Madison Co. Berrys from my visit to their reunion a couple of years ago but I haven't yet been able to locate my records to check.    They are folks whose parents' surnames are Berry/Taylor, Berry/Dodson and Berry/Barr with the possibility of a Berrey spelling up the line.

I have two others whose pedigrees I haven't yet been able to connect to anyone we know about.    Those parents' surnames are Berry/Allsop and Berry/Robb.

Still working at it.


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