Friday, August 14, 2009


I wrote a little over a year ago about the Coriell Institute's free DNA testing offer.    The Daily Scan now reports, "Data from the Coriell Institute's Personalized Medicine Collaborative is starting to dribble out, writes John Fossella at Genes to Brains to Mental Health.    So far, Fossella has seen results on five risk variants for five different diseases and says that they line up with the data he received from 23andMe, except for one variant that 23andMe doesn't test."

That same article reports that 23andMe is offering free testing to the 4500 participants of the Palo Alto Senior Games hoping to identify the genetic factors for healthy aging.

In our Project, Bill, #79, has recruited his Uncle Jim, #174, in their effort to further explore their Barry/Berry family.

And here's Jon's latest beach post: : jonberrydesign:   obx gallery


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