Friday, October 23, 2009

23andMe - Relative Finder

For all of you who took advantage of the recent 23andMe offer, they have now put their Relative Finder feature online in beta.

Any 23andMe customer may now join the Relative Finder Beta by clicking here and following the directions on the page.

Here are the instructions to join the Relative Finder Beta.

1) Click here and log in to your account.

2) Check the box to Highlight your profile in Relative Finder and join the Public Beta.

3) Once you've joined, you will see all of your potential relatives, but you can only contact other relatives who are in the Beta.    You will notice them because they have a blue 'make contact' button and a 'talk bubble' icon in their profile.

4) If you don't have any relatives in the Beta, please be patient   -   more customers are joining the Beta every day.

Please remember, though, these will likely not be Berry surnamed cousins but instead, cousins from one of the many other lines that make up your DNA.

Also, if you're not set to being searchable, you won't be able to be found by others.    To make yourself searchable so that others can find you, you MUST go into your account (on the left hand toolbar) under "my profile" and click the first box beside "name" to make your name and/or e-mail address shareable.    Otherwise, no one will be able to find you to compare results.    I also suggest selecting a nickname.     Please note that the nickname is permanent and cannot be changed.    After you select a nickname, be sure the name box is still checked for searchability.


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