Saturday, November 14, 2009


ne·glect (n-glkt)
tr.v. ne·glect·ed, ne·glect·ing, ne·glects
1.   To pay little or no attention to;   fail to heed;   disregard.
2.   To fail to care for or attend to properly.
3.   To fail to do or carry out, as through carelessness or oversight.
4.   Jim's recent inattention to this blog.

I can only plead a week away for fiddle camp, Betty's cateract surgery, and being much distracted by the hodge-podge of DNA information coming available at 23andMe.

But here's a short post to try to bring us up to date.    These results have all been posted.

Jim, #96, received his Y-DNA38-47 Markers of his 67 marker upgrade.

Bill, #178, received his Y-DNA13-37 Markers completing his 37 marker order.    No FTDNA matches.    Bill also received his HVR1&2 results (these haven't yet been posted).

Jim, #182, got his full Y-DNA37 test results.    No FTDNA matches.

Preston, #175, received his Deep Clade-R results placing him in the R1b1b2a1b4c haplogroup (R-L2).

David, #177, got his Y-DNA38-47 Markers completing his Y-DNA67 order.    A perfect Barry/Berrys match.

Brian, #49, has further defined his haplogroup through a combination of FTDNA, Ethnoancestry and 23andMe testing to, for the sake of brevity and to maintain our sanity, R-L21 with more results still outstanding.

Jim, #7, got his HVR1&2 results of his FGS order.    No surprises since they match the results previously gotten from Argus Biosciences.


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