Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Breadmaker

We used to have a breadmaking machine.    You know, you dump the ingredients in, push the button and, after a period of fits and starts, moans and groans and a hint of the smell of baking bread   --   open the lid and there you have it.    A golden brown loaf!

Well, sometimes.

Not sure why I decide to pull the old machine out of its 'mothballed' status, dust it off and clean it up, but clean it up I did.    The first loaf or two were somewhat less than great.    Couldn't seem to get any volume to my loaf   -   too dense and short.    After some online research I decided that I was using whole grain flour and need extra 'gluten' (whatever that was).

Finally!    A great loaf.
Then, yesterday was Betty's birthday.    Buy a cake?    Not a chance.    I have my breadmaker.

I looked in the cupboard and found an old box of Chocolate Swirl Angel Food Cake mix.

If I'd been able to control the 'stages' of the machine's work, things would have been perfect.    As it was it was still pretty good.It would have been perfect if I had been able to stop the mixing after just a couple of minutes.    The mix at that time was full of air and ready to bake.    But, I had to go through two machine 'kneadings' to get to the bake cycle and it had essentially beat most of the air out of the batter.    Good, but not perfect.    Just a little more dense than you would expect Angel Food to be.
What next?    I think Dr. Pepper Diet Bread.


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