Monday, April 05, 2010

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

If you all recall, I posted almost a year ago about a new 12 marker haplotype that seemed that it might match our [possible] Devon Berry Family.

Well, good news!    Victor, #190, has just upgraded to 37 markers and we'll soon know whether that possibility pans out or whether he matches some entirely different family.

Gone tomorrow because I'm just about to pack my MacBook into a FedEx Priority Overnight box for shipment to Memphis for a minor (Applecare covered) repair.    I don't recall whether I've mentioned recently that Apple, Inc. is just a great company.    Not only are their products 'best in class' but their customer service is always beyond expectations.    My MacBook needs a minor case repair so they overnighted me a custom fitted packing box in which to overnight it to Memphis for repair and overnighted return, all within their warranty coverage.    It does mean that I'll me hobbled for a couple of days - I'm hoping to have it back on Thursday - but maybe I can get along with my old eMac until then.

POSTED AT 10:00 AM, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 2010:    Here it is, back in my hands, looking and acting like a new MacBook!    What a great company!


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