Saturday, May 29, 2010


New Y-DNA13-25 results have now been posted for Cliff, #189.    They do confirm that Cliff is a New Jersey Berry.   

Curiously, DYS448 is reported by FTDNA for Cliff as 0.    This was previously reported for Larry and Paul as a null and Relative Genetics reported it for Ron as 19.

Here's a comparison of these folks markers -

I'm at Vandalia now but will try soon to go back to recheck those values to see if they've been updated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting. So, I'm assuming the "Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor" result is the earliest possible time, with probability increasing with time beyond the calculated result?

- Cliff

8:47 AM  
Blogger langolier said...

No, not exactly - but close.

Using the input numbers stated, e.g., a "30 year" generation, etc., the 'probability' is 75% that the time is no longer than that stated. Probability leaves a lot of room for possibilities of longer or shorter times.

In addition, you notice that the 'times' are really 'time ranges'.

9:08 AM  

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