Monday, May 17, 2010

Participant #192, our 201st and SMGF

Steve, #192, received his Genographic results yesterday and transferred them to FTDNA.    His results and yAncestry are posted to the Project website.

Right now, at 12 markers, he matches one other participant 12/12 but also 17 others 11/12.    Problem is, these folks represent five different families.    Carol and I have both suggested that it would be a good idea to upgrade to at least 37 markers.    Hopefully, getting additional markers will continue the match with one of these and eliminate the others.

In Addition, SMGF has announced the addition of new haplotypes and genealogical records to the Sorenson mtDNA and Y-chromosome database.    I haven't yet had an opportunity to do a full search to see whether any of our folks have additional markers posted [ I don't :( ] but I do see what is apparently a new posting.    Anyone recognize who belongs to this pedigree?


Blogger Solveig said...

This George Berry might be the submitter??

10:31 PM  

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