Saturday, July 31, 2010

I1a telling markers

Per Ken N.    -    If you have 67 markers you have DYS511.    Within I1a it serves the same purpose as DYS462 ninety-nine percent of the time

DYS462 =12 goes with DYS511 = 9
DYS462 = 13 goes with DYS511 = 10

This is only true in I1a.    Also if you check your DYS455, if it is 8 you are I1a, 99.9 percent confidence.    If you are 11 at DYS455, you are not I1a;   basically total confidence based on the thousands of haplotypes seen to date.     DYS388=14 is another very good indicator for I1a.

For those interested in the technical details, kindly provided by Nordtvedt, Norse I1a (14/23/14-14) and ultraNorse I1a (14/23/14-15) is dominantly DYS 462 = 13;   while AngloSaxon I1a (14/22) is dominantly DYS 462 = 12.    DYS 462 mutates extremely slowly and thus results are strong modals for research, Nordtvedt said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you have these DYS results 462=13, 388=14, 511=10, 455=8, 390=23, would you be of Danish descent? Either mainland or from an Island?

11:31 AM  

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