Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23andMe - Black Friday(?) et al

List posts courtesy CeCe Moore:

Someone on Twitter just wrote, "23andMe (lowest price ever) discount returns; code B84YAG to be live 10 AM Wednesday for the new v3 chip".    It may also require the Personal genome Subscription as that seems to be their new model.    I haven't confirmed it yet and the code shows as invalid right now, but keep your eyes open if you are interested in testing.    23andMe keeps tweeting that there will be a big sale this week as well.

They did away with the Ancestry and Health Editions.    The new orders require a Personal Genome Subscription for at least a year.    They also upgraded to a new chip, but existing customers have to pay $89 to have access to the new info, plus subscribe to the PGS.    Existing customers will still receive new matches and updates.

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