Sunday, April 17, 2011

Attention:   Augusta/Washington Co. Berry Family

I am getting ready to do a new upload of my Augusta/Washington Co. Berry database very shortly and need your help.

Doing an upload of this database of over 39,500 people is not a trivial matter and takes several hours so it doesn't get done very often.    I'm hoping that I can get each of you to take a look at your immediate family at and let me know of any corrections or additions that should be made.    I try to gather full names and birth, marriage, death and burial dates and places, interesting facts and stories, and photos.

For some of you all I will have is the information gathered from your yAncestry and for others of you who are more recent additions, you may be in the database for upload at this time and not yet online.    If that is your case or if all I have is your yAncestry, please let me know the names, dates and places for spouses and children.

Just drop me an email to and reference the Augusta/Washington Berry database.    Thanks.


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