Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catchup . . . . . or was that Ketchup?

Apparently the former.    I find my self playing catch up regarding two new participants who should have been mentioned earlier.

These are Charles O'Berry, #211, and Bryony Berry, #212.    Bryony is testing 37 markers and Chuck, 67.    Both have yAncestrys posted, presently in the Unassigned section.    Chuck is listed under his birth name, Berry, and his results are expected late May or early June.

Bryony was recruited by Patrick, #60, in his continuing quest to link us back to the old country.    Bryony currently lives in Barntown, Ireland and, needless to say, his results are much anticipated by many.

In other news, I think that Delmer, #194, is the first to upgrade his 67 marker results to the now full 111 marker set, and John Berry, #205, now has his yAncestry listed on the Unassigned page.


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