Saturday, August 13, 2011

the Perseids!

Well, I seem to have finished bringing the Berry Family DNA website current.    In doing so I discovered that I had missed the results for Ron, #210, a Madison Co. Berry.    I believe I had Chuck, #211, posted but not LaVerne, #213, a Spartanburg Co., SC Berry.    But I think all are current now.

I also took the opportunity to run the entire Project through Dean McGee's genetic distance tool to see if we had any previously undiscovered matches.    I didn't find any new ones but decided to post those that had previously shown up that I hadn't known enough about to be willing to give them the status of a 'Family'.    These are now, and will be in the future, shown at the end of the Family yResults listings as "Other matches yResults".

It occurrs to me that there may be some of you who don't know how to find whether you are part of a 'family' or match anyone else in the Project, ergo, a primer:

1. Find yourself on the Participant page and note your number (#).

2. Open the yResults page and find your number there.    That is your haplotype and if it is colored light yellow you have no matches.    However, if it is any other color you belong to a recognized 'family' and can scroll to the top of the page to determine what family your color represents.    Then click on the 'Family' button to open the Family yResults page and find your family there to see who you match.    You recall, of course, that hovering your cursor over the ID# will reveal the name and kit # of the person represented by that ID, and that clicking on that ID# will generate an email form for you to send to that person.

3. You may then go to the yAncestry page for your family to see the male lineages of all the family members.

4. The only exception to this is the 'other matches' that I spoke of earlier.    Since they have not been assigned to a family they will still be colored light yellow and thus there will be no indication on the numerical yResults page of the match.    To find if you are one of those you will just have to take it upon yourself to click over to the Family yResults page and check out the 'Other matches' section at the bottom of that page.

The title?    It has no meaning.    It was just on my mind.    Hope you saw them.


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