Monday, March 25, 2013

Today's my birthday.

Today is my birthday, four score and aught.    My daughters decided that they were going to give me a surprise party so, with Betty's help, they arranged the time and the place and got the word out to our friends.

Did they surprise me?    Yes, they did but I claim that there has to be an asterisk.    My birthday is March 25.    One of the daughters told me that she and her husband were taking me to a Bruce Molsky concert in Romney, WV, last Saturday, the 23rd, for my birthday and that we'd stop at a church benefit dinner for our meal before the concert.    OK.    Great.    Why should I doubt her?

We arrived at the church and went inside.    The first thing I heard as we entered were some folks singing 'Happy Birthday' to someone.    I started to back out thinking that we'd inadvertently interrupted someone's birthday party.    Never considered that it might be mine  -  My birthday was two days away.

My contention is that it's pretty easy to surprise someone if you throw his birthday party when it's not his birthday.

It was great.    I'll share the flavor of it with you all here.


                And here's the photos:              Click Here


Blogger Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed this posting on your pre-birthday and your 'real' birthday!!! I'm glad you had such a good time!!! Wishing you the same kind of lovely days for the next year!!!


4:07 PM  

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