Saturday, September 16, 2006

yAncestry page(s)

Thanks to Carol Vass we have four new bios for the Project.   They are short biographical sketches for the earliest known ancestors of Charles Henry Berry, #70, Todd Andrew Berry, #72, D. F. Berry, #76, and C. E. Berry, #77, and may be found on the yAncestry pages.

I say pages, plural, because I'm also in the process of doing a bit of revamping there.   With almost 80 Y-DNA participants the yAncestry page was getting a bit jumbled to try to find whomever you might be looking for.   I've broken the various listed male ancestries out into 'familys', color coded as they are on the yResults page.   So if you don't want to just browse around and are looking for a particular person, first go to the Participants page to determine his participant #, then go to the yResults page to determine his 'family', then go to the yAncestry page and click on the link for that family.   I've just finished putting these together so please let me know if something doesn't seem to be working quite right.

Two of our 'Familys' are actually a bit of a stretch.   The Spartanburg Co., SC Berry family and the English Berry family each have just two people in them who match at only 12 markers and do not have a paper genealogy link.   12 marker matches are so common that the best they could be called would be 'possible' based on the common surname.   A 12 marker match with a paper genealogical link I label 'probable' and reserve the 'verified' label for those having matches of 25 or more markers. I actually prefer a match at 37 markers.


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