Tuesday, September 04, 2007

in my absence . . . .

Partial results came in for James, #97, i.e., Y-DNA1-25 of his Y-DNA67 order.    We are able to tell from these partial returns that the chances of James matching anyone already tested are slim to none.    A haplogroup test is in progress for James but Whit Athey's predictor gives him an 85.4% probability of being I1b1.    We'll see.

In addition, FTDNA indicates that Clifton, #98, has received Y-DNA38-47 and Y-DNA61-67 results from his Y-DNA67 order.    These must be phantom results because they're not yet available anywhere that I have access to.    As soon as I can find them I'll tell you if there's enough data there yet from which to glean any information.


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