Thursday, April 17, 2008

Batch shipments

Another case of paying close attention to details!    Those Orange Co., NC Berry's have got it together!    You will all recall that on occasion I tend to preach about timing your upgrades with the FTDNA shipping schedule so that your test doesn't sit around for up to a week waiting to be sent to the lab?    Well, last evening was FTDNA's batch shipping day, and   -   Charles', #116, kit for his Y-DNA37 test arrived at FTDNA in yesterday's mail and went right out last evening.    Now some of you may just call that fortuitous but . . . . . . I don't know.    Sort of looked planned to me.    His results are expected 06/13/2008.

Planned for sure was Richard's, #82, Y-Refine37to67 upgrade, also strategically placed yesterday afternoon.    Richard's upgrade results are expected 06/02/2008.    Well done, Richard!


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