Thursday, May 07, 2009

Solid!  -   maybe ancestral?

The balance of David's, #159, Y-DNA37 test came in yesterday, one month early!    David is indeed a Madison Co. Berry.    Solidly so.    So solidly that he may represent the ancestral haplotype.    David is the only Madison Co. Berry each of whom's alleles is among the majority of the Madison Co. guys allele values.    Hard to say what I mean!    I mean that each allele value of David's haplotype agrees with that same allele value for a majority of the other Madison Co. Berrys.

Maybe the way to say it is to say that David's haplotype IS the modal haplotype.    Or, since they say that a picture is worth a thousand words   -  remember that last 37 marker Madison Co. cladogram we did last December, here -
and recall our discussion of median vectors in this post?

Well, look who took the place of that median vector in today's 37 marker cladogram -As we can see, this cladogram is forming a very nice star pattern, thought to be an indication of the ancestral haplotype.

While we're talking about Madison Co. Berrys we might as well take a look at their genetic distance and TMRCA tables.

First we'll have a look at the Madison Co. Berry haplotypes -
Next, their genetic distances -

and finally, the table of 75% probability that the common ancestors of Project members compared is no more than the number of years stated, which includes a 25% possibility that it is longer -


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