Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Saga of the 3/4 Fiddle - pt. 2

The 'problem' with having just a couple of small projects to work on and a whole week to do them is that there's no sense of urgency about getting them done.    That's a good thing.

When we left yesterday our fingerboard glue was drying.    What to do then?    How about a community jam?
So, when we arrived this morning -- dried -and time to dress and polish the fingerboard -
Now to fit the tuning pegs -The little ream is for the peg box and the square thing is like a pencil sharpener that shapes the pegs to the same taper as the ream.The small square block is used to help in cutting the pegs to the correct length and as a jig for drilling the string holes thru them.

So here they are, cut and fitted -
And time to glue the nut -
[click for closeup]

Glue drying time again.    This time we'll take in a local high school track meet -
And my favorite -


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