Wednesday, June 07, 2006

* * * HIATUS * * *

Regular readers of this blog will find that between April and October we are gone almost more than we are home - at least it seems like it.   And our dogs tell us it's true.

Well, we’re leaving again tomorrow morning, this time for a short one to Lake Anna, Virginia, for a vestigial bluegrass festival.   ‘Vestigial’ in that it is a vestige of our former life as bluegrassers before we found the mecca of old time music.   Anyway, we’ll be back midday Sunday to resume the DNA battles.

A bit of news.   Last night we got 12 marker results for David Berry, #57 and for Harold Berry, # 62.   The (little bit) exciting part is that they matched each other and three others in the Project.   I wrote to those interested in Harold’s line that I think that he's 'possibly' related to the group I call the 'Culpeper Co. Berrys', made up of Brent Berry, #4, Jonathan Keith Berry, #12, Richard Treemond Berry, #16, and also 'possibly' David Herbert Berry, #57.   I say 'possibly' because only 12 of his markers are back and he doesn't share a known paper ancestry with any of the others.   As a matter of fact, none of the five can trace back to a common ancestor.   Looks like it's time to start comparing notes.

Think Peace.


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