Friday, June 30, 2006

mtDNA in the Berry Family Project

Since some of us may also be interested in finding our matrilineal ancestors we also have mtDNA pages for results and specifics on the Berry Family DNA Project website.

The results page, shown below, is called mtDNA Test Results and displays your mitosearch ID (it's the same as your ySearch ID), your haplogroup, and your HVR 1 and HVR 2 mutations.   Hovering your cursor over the mitosearch ID will display that person's name and kit number, clicking on it will open the searchable mitosearch site.
Click picture to magnify image
Link to mtResults page

Clicking on the haplogroup number on the mtDNA Test Results page will open the personal mt results page for that person on which the specific mutations are displayed, and with the option to display a descendant report showing the relationship of all those persons having your same mtDNA sequence.   An example of this page is shown below (pretend there's no break between the upper and lower parts.   I didn't know how to join them.)
Click picture to magnify image
Link to personal results page

If you've had an mtDNA test at FTDNA, no problem, I can get the results directly.   If you've had your mtDNA test anywhere else, we'd still like you to join us;  I'll just need more help from you to gather the information.


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