Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Setup Preferences

Continuing my review of the Berry Family Project at FTDNA, I've noticed that several of our members have their 'Setup Preferences' page set to "restrict the display of matches only to my Surname Project" instead of "I want my matches to be set against the entire database."

In my opinion, this is a mistake.   For example, had Cameron, #58, a Canadian member of the Genographic Project and Jim, #7, not had our preferences set to the more expansive choice, I never would have seen him as a match who was not in the Project.   As a result of seeing that match and inviting him to join the Project I also discovered Patrick, #60, a probable match to the Augusta/Washington Berrys from Australia.   The ancestors of both Cameron and Patrick emigrated to their respective countries directly from Ireland, thus now giving the U.S. branch of the family a backdoor to trying to locate our U.S. immigrants' families in Ireland.

Please review your own setting of this important choice.   If you have difficulty figuring out how to do this and want me to set it for you, either way, just let me know and I'll be happy to assist.


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