Monday, July 10, 2006

Amazing things

A fellow named Tom Glad has written a new utility for mtDNA which produces genetic distance reports with summary tables plus Fluxus diagrams from FTDNA results or from MitoSearch.   How can they come up with these things?   I suppose I should question the underlying theory and resulting algorithms, but I'm always so amazed that I just decide to take it on faith.   The results, so far, look reasonable.

As you will recall, we have only four mtDNA results to date in the Berry Family DNA Project.   Entry of these data into Tom's utility produces these results:

No participants are close enough to one another to be interesting, yet.   But as more of us take advantage of these tests as we try to learn more and more about our forebears, more interesting results will appear.

I'm going to make these results a new page in the Project and update it as new mtDNA results are posted.

My scientific son says he is sending me an OS with which I hope to be able to begin to generate our own fluxus diagrams (cladograms).   I'm hoping sooner rather than later.


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