Sunday, July 09, 2006

Back from the beach

Sun, fresh fish & dogs.   A week at the beach.   Supposed to be refreshing and re-creating. -- but I always seemed to be tired.   Maybe the daily walks with Phantom & Edn, separately, were contributing.   More difficult at the beach than in town;  soft sand and slanting shore.   Not those wide, flat, hard-packed beaches.

Had my dragon kite up Thursday.   Not enough string.   Had a cool, bucking motion.   Probably a lot like a dragon really flies.   Don't know whether the constant beach wind was too strong or too weak.   Seemed pretty strong to me.

Hatteras Island is a long barrier island so it essentially has two sides, the ocean side and the sound side.   The swimmers, surfers and sunbathers use the ocean side.   The wind surfers, kite boarders, kayakers and waders use the sound side.

More beach stuff can be found at these links:

    meet the barkers

    beach chic

    go fly a kite

MEANWHILE, back on the DNA front, while I was gone we got two new members, Todd Andrew Berry, #72, and William Martin Berry, #73;  new results came back for Robert Bruce Berry, #65 (no matches);  and additional markers were returned for Brent Berry, #4, Jesse Thomas Berry, #21, Keith Boyd Berry, #37, and David Herbert Berry, #57.


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