Thursday, July 20, 2006

DNA and horse racing

First, the DNA.   We have a new member!   Martha Louise Hall is member #m3 and is our 76th member.   She is from Sequim, Washington (if I remember correctly, the 'e' is not pronounced) and apparently is in mtDNA haplogroup H with HVR1 differences from the CRS at 16293G, 16362C and 16519C.   Martha ordered her test in June and her results were just returned and she has just now joined our group.   I haven't heard from Martha, yet, but assume her maiden name is Berry and don't know whether we have any of her male kin in the Project or not.

Now, the grandkids.   We went to the races at Charles Town (WV) last night and after several very thoughtful but mostly unfortunate bets, the grandkids had winnings totalling $9.20 to split four ways.   We had a good time but some of the worst food since the memory of man runneth not to the contrary.


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