Friday, July 28, 2006

more DNA news

Borrowed from my son's blog.

Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation has posted nearly 700 new haplotypes to its Y chromosome database so that it now has data from more than 14,000 men throughout the world.   Unfortunately, not mine, yet.   Well, maybe next time.   The only member of the Berry DNA Project that I have been able to recognize there is Charles Redmon Berry #27, and I have been able to 'mine' some extra markers for him from the SMGF database for our yResults page.   I also believe I recognize a descendant of William Thomas Berry and Maggie Helen Hargis of the 'Benton County Berrys', Roger Dale Berry who would have been born about 1940.   I've tried to contact Roger to ask him to join the Project based on his SMGF results, without success.   Anyone know him?

In addition, SMGF has now opened their mitochondrial database containg data from some 4000+ individuals for searching.   Of course, to search you have to know your markers already if you're looking for yourself.   My Argus Biosciences markers haven't come back yet so I couldn't look to see if I'm in there.   It's real value is for scientific mtDNA studies of different haplogroups or, if you do know your markers, to see the posted genealogy of anyone who may match you.

I've mentioned before, but it's worth repeating:   The SMGF test is free and everyone should participate.   Click here for my rationale.   Click here to participate.

We do have a new member!   Norman Berry, #74, who is our 78th member.   I've not seen his yAncestry listing yet but I have it on reliable authority the he descends from John Maxwell Berry, 1766-1845.   Just whom John Maxwell Berry's descendant might match is a subject of great anticipation.   Again, stay tuned.


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