Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Project newsy bits

New yAncestrys have been posted for Todd Andrew Berry, #72, and for William Martin Berry, #73, on the DNA Website 'Berry Lines Tested' page.   We are still missing his yAncestry for David Rex Berry, #63, and yAncestry dates for Charles Henry Berry III, #70.   As you know, your yAncestry is simply a listing of your male ancestry, full names and birth and death years.

Thanks to Carol, we've also been able to post new short bios for Keith Thomas Berry, #54, Scott Enfield Berry, #66, John Channell N. Berry, #67, and Michael J. Beery, #69. These are clickable from the 'Berry Lines Tested' page, linked above.

We have another new mtDNA member, Mary Ann Lasley Lewis, #m4.   Mary Ann's maternal G Grandmother was a Berry who lived in Syria, a village in Madison Co., Virginia.   Unfortunately, both Mary Ann and Martha, #m3, have only tested their mitochondrial HVR1 region and their results will therefore likely not be sufficiently discriminating to find any meaningful matches.   They should consider expanding their tests to include the HVR2 region.

Anyone interested in mitochondrial DNA testing should review these previous blog postings:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have posted somewhere instructions on how to read the DNA tables online. Can you post another link? I've read some of the DNA 101 links you have posted and now have an idea (albeit basic) about this. Still... duh... I can't see how I read those tables.

Jae Berry Brown

10:12 AM  

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