Saturday, August 26, 2006

Orange Co., NC Berrys

O.K., let's talk today about the Orange Co., NC Berrys, so named because the line's earliest known ancestor, Robert Berry, spent much of his life, and died, in that locale.   It is interesting that four of the five members of that family are able to trace their male ancestry back to Robert.
You will notice that Jeffery is only marked 'probable'.   This merely indicates that although his markers match, as can be seen below, he has only tested 12 markers which, in my opinion, are not enough to 'prove' a relationship.

Here's their cladogram:

I am very much a novice at cladogram interpretation so please take what I have to say about them with a very large grain of salt.   With that caveat, it looks to me like Billy should be looking for his John, 1815-1862, to be a brother to Dane's Robert, 1812-1870, and a son of David J., because, to me, the cladogram indicates that Dane's line passes right through Billy's ancestor with one additional mutation.   It also appears to me that Wiley may have the ancestral haplotype.   But what do I know?

Here's some more Orange Co. Berrys information, first their actual markers:
Followed by their Distances and TMRCA:

Network diagrams created using Phylogenetic Network software from Fluxus Technology and using the Median Joining method as described by Bandelt H-J, Forster P, Röhl A (1999) Median-joining networks for inferring intraspecific phylogenies. Mol Biol Evol 16:37-48


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