Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well, she's got one to go.   I'm glad to see that she made it.   Seems to me that she's pretty focused for as many distractions as you know she must have.

Actually, I was rooting for Jelena Jankovic in the other match, too, but her head got the best of her after her disagreement with the referee who, in my opinion, wasn't doing his job.   Too bad.

Oh, Yeah.   DNA.

I just discovered last night that I now have partial results posted on the the SMGF site.   Apparently only 14 markers used but eight of them were new!   I've posted them to the Website, jim, #7.   I don't recall when I sent my kit back but I'm sure that it has been at least a year.

I guess that you just have to keep looking.   I had signed up to be notified of updates but have never received one.   If any of you think you might have results there but don't know how to look, just email me and we'll work it out.

I believe that I can glean this much information.   These will be father/mother surnames and perhaps a location.   There are results for Berry/Bowen, maybe Maine;  Berry/Schoonover, Illinois;  Berry/Lamoreaux, Utah;  Berry/Berry, Tennessee;  Berry/Swigard, Pennsylvania;  Berry/Anderson, Tennessee;  Berry/Bracey, Georgia;  Barry/Thomas, North Carolina, and Beery/Yates, North Carolina.   If any of those are your parent's surnames, click here to email me.


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