Monday, September 11, 2006

To Arms!

My friend and (hopefully) cousin, Patrick Fleetwood Berry in Australia has uncovered the Arms of the descendants of Thomas Berry, 1737-1815, of Clonehane, King's County, Ireland.   I can't show them yet because we do not yet have permission from the present owners of the Confirmation but I have seen them and they are, surprisingly, very similar to the emblazonment that I did back in February of this year from the armorial blazon provided me by Patrick at that time.   Neither of us had then seen the actual rendition.   Here's what I did then and a [pretty close] transcription of the confirmation.

These are not, nor are there, a generic Berry Arms.   Arms were typically awarded to a person and his descendants for some noteworthy act or service by that person or, as apparently is the case here, confirmed to a family after long usage having "their origins in the designs used by medieval knights to make their armour and shield stand out in battle or tournaments and enable quick recognition by allies or spectators".   Coat of Arms.

These particular Arms belong, as I said, the the descendants of Thomas Berry who, if their genealogy is correct, include Project members Patrick, #60, and Cameron Berry, #58.


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