Monday, October 30, 2006

Catchin' up

I'll postpone my report of all my fun and frivolity until we run into another day with nothing DNA to talk about.

There seems to have been a sporadic return of results in dribs and drabs from FTDNA while I was absent for the week.   These partial results have been returned and are now posted to the website:

13030          Y-DNA38-47 Markers          10/23          Jim Berry, #7
22287          Y-DNA38-47 Markers          10/23          Charles Redmon Berry, #27
26075          Y-DNA38-47 Markers          10/23          Walter Michael Berry, #34
67364          Y-DNA38-47 Markers          10/23          Todd Andrew Berry, #72
15097          Y-DNA61-67 Markers           10/24          Jonathan K. Berry, #12
22442          Y-DNA61-67 Markers           10/24          James Dennis Berry, #28
50372          Y-DNA61-67 Markers           10/24          John Edward Berry, #55
67364          Y-DNA61-67 Markers           10/24          Todd Andrew Berry, #72
73459          Y-DNA1-12 Markers              10/24          Kenneth Ray Berry, #80
69574          Y-DNA13-25 Markers           10/26          D. F. Berry, #76

D. F. Berry, #76, is definitely confirmed as a Benton Co. Berry (gold) which raises some interesting possibilities and hopefully some clues as to this line.    D. F. is the second person verified (the other being Rodney Fancher Berry, #81) whose earliest ancestor is of age with the children of Samuel Berry but not previously known as children of his.   The possibility exists that one or both come from a collateral line to Samuel's and share a common ancestor further back up their ancestry.


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